Access Bank Branch Code

Access Bank in South Africa, formerly known as Grobank Limited and previously the South African Bank of Athens, is renowned for its excellent financial services and strategic expansion. The bank employs various branch codes to facilitate smooth transactions for its clients, with each branch code serving as a unique identifier necessary for conducting transactions and ensuring funds are correctly routed to their intended destination. Understanding these codes is crucial for both personal and business banking activities, allowing for efficient management of accounts and payments​.

Key Points

  • Unique Identifiers: Each branch of the Access Bank has a unique branch code, ensuring accurate routing of transactions.
  • Universal Branch Code: The universal branch code (410506) can be used for all electronic transactions, simplifying the process for customers.
  • Easy Access: Branch codes can be found on the bank’s website, statements, cheque books, customer service, or local branches.

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What are Branch Codes?

Branch codes are unique identifiers assigned to each bank branch. They play a crucial role in making sure transactions are accurately processed and directed to the correct location. These codes are important for various banking activities such as fund transfers, direct deposits, and bill payments. By using branch codes, banks can efficiently manage and track transactions, providing a streamlined banking experience for their customers.

How Do They Differ from Universal Branch Codes?

Unlike specific branch codes, which are unique to each bank branch, a universal branch code is a single code that can be used across all branches of a bank. This simplifies transactions for customers, as they do not need to remember multiple branch codes for different branches. Universal branch codes are especially useful for online banking and electronic transfers, ensuring ease of use and consistency across the bank’s network. However, for certain transactions and purposes, knowing the specific branch code may still be necessary.

How to Find Bank of Athens Branch Codes

How to Find Access Bank Branch Codes

Finding the branch codes for the Access Bank is straightforward and can be done through various reliable sources:


Official Website

Visit the Access Bank’s official website, where a comprehensive list of branch codes is usually provided.


Bank Statements and Cheque Books

Branch codes are often printed alongside the branch’s address and contact information on bank statements and cheque books.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Contact the bank’s customer service for assistance in obtaining the correct branch code.

Branch visit

Local Branch

Visit a local Access Bank branch, where staff can provide the necessary branch code information.

Access Bank Branch Code: 410506

The Access Bank’s universal branch code in South Africa is 410506. This code is used for all transactions carried out through internet banking or the mobile app, regardless of the originating branch of the account. Below is detailed information for the Access Bank, including its branch code, SWIFT code, and contact details:

Branch Code410506
Bank NameAccess Bank South Africa Limited
Bank BranchAccess Bank South Africa
Bank Branch AddressBuilding 3, Inanda Greens Business Park, 54 Wierda Road West, Wierda Valley, Sandton
Bank Phone+27 (0) 11 634 4300
Bank FaxNot Specified

List of Access Bank Branch Codes with Address and Branch Details

The Access Bank operates several branches across South Africa, each with a unique branch code to facilitate accurate and efficient banking transactions. Below is a comprehensive list of the Access Bank branches, including their addresses, cities, and respective branch codes to help you identify the correct branch for your banking needs.

Branch NameAddressCityBranch Code
Alberton28 Voortrekker RoadGauteng410342
Allens NekShop 19 & 20, Allens Nek Retail CentreGauteng410140
Bedford CentreBedford Centre Shop U 33 Entrance OneJohannesburg, Gauteng410305
Benoni15 Tom Jones StreetGauteng410142
Cape TownShop 2 A Icon Shopping CentreWestern Cape410109
Centralised Services H/Office116 Marshall StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng410506
Corporate Banking116 Marshall StreetGauteng410106
Durban86 Armstrong AvenueDurban410126
East Rand MallBedford Centre Shop U33 Entrance OneGauteng410442
Electronic Branch-Cellmoney116 Marshall StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng410500
FloridaShop 22A Florida JunctionGauteng410141
GermistonRevelas TowersGauteng410242
Glen MaraisShop 14Gauteng410542
Goodwood146 Voortrekker RoadGauteng410110
Johannesburg116 Marshall StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng410105
Johannesburg BAC116 Marshall StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng410001
P E Business SuiteBlock D, 1st Floor Southern Life GardensEastern Cape410120
PretoriaShop-G87 Menlyn Shopping CentreGauteng410145
Randpark RidgeShop LG2, Trinity Village Shopping CentreGauteng410205
Rosebank, JohannesburgShop Number 9 Allianz HouseGauteng410405
Saba Electronic Banking116 Marshall StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng410501
SunnysideShop – G 87 Menlyn Shopping CentreGauteng410245
Sure Bank116 Marshall StreetJohannesburg410600
Thunderflex 39116 Marshall StreetGauteng410777
Tyme116 Marshall StreetGauteng410901
Wizzit116 Marshall StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng410700
Overview of Bank of Athens

Overview of Access Bank

The Access Bank, established in South Africa in 1947, has a long-standing history of providing high-quality banking services, primarily focusing on the medium-sized business market. Over the decades, it has become a key player in the South African banking sector. The bank specialises in business banking, offering a comprehensive suite of services including lending, transactional banking, treasury, and foreign exchange. This range of services is supported by a dedicated team of relationship managers who ensure personalised and professional service delivery.

In addition to its core business banking services, the Access Bank has developed leading niche transactional banking solutions in partnership with select businesses. This includes alliance banking offerings tailored to specific market niches, such as Moovamoney, Olympus Mobile, and WIZZIT Digital. The bank’s focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has been crucial in its operations, aligning with its strategy to support and grow its customer base within the agricultural and related business sectors.

The bank underwent significant changes in recent years, including its acquisition by AFGRI Holdings and its subsequent rebranding to Grobank. This strategic move has expanded its capabilities and market reach, positioning it to better serve its clients’ evolving needs in a dynamic banking environment.


List of Universal Branch Codes in South Africa

BankUniversal Branch Code
Absa Bank632005
Capitec Bank470010
First National Bank (FNB)250655
Investec Bank580105
Standard Bank051001
African Bank430000
Mercantile Bank450905
Old Mutual462005
Bidvest Bank679000
Sasfin Bank683000
Access Bank410506
RMB Private Bank254655
South African Post Bank (Post Office)460005
Hollard Bank585001
Discovery Bank679000
Standard Chartered Bank730020
Barclays Bank590000
Investec Bank Limited580105
Mercantile Bank Limited450905


Understanding the Access Bank branch codes is essential for ensuring smooth and accurate banking transactions. These codes help identify specific branches, facilitating efficient fund transfers and other banking activities. By knowing how to locate and use these codes, customers can better manage their banking needs, whether online or in-person. This knowledge enhances the banking experience and contributes to the overall security and reliability of financial operations with the Access Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a branch code and why is it important?

A branch code is a unique identifier assigned to each bank branch, primarily used to ensure accurate routing of transactions. This code is essential for facilitating various banking activities, such as fund transfers, direct deposits, and bill payments, ensuring that the funds reach the correct branch and account.

How can I find the Access Bank branch code for my branch?

You can find the Access Bank branch code by visiting the bank’s official website, checking your bank statements or cheque books, contacting the bank’s customer service, or visiting a local branch. Additionally, several online resources and directories provide comprehensive lists of branch codes for different branches.

What is the universal branch code for the Access Bank in South Africa?

The universal branch code for the Access Bank in South Africa is 410506. This code can be used for all transactions carried out through internet banking or the mobile app, regardless of the originating branch of the account.

How do branch codes differ from SWIFT codes?

Branch codes are used to identify specific bank branches within a country for domestic transactions, while SWIFT codes (also known as BIC codes) are used for international transactions to identify the bank itself globally. The SWIFT code for the Access Bank is BATHZAJJ.

Can I use the same branch code for all Access Bank branches?

No, each branch of the Access Bank has its unique branch code. However, for convenience, the bank provides a universal branch code (410506) that can be used for electronic transactions across all branches. For specific branch transactions, you may still need to use the branch-specific code.

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