Nedbank Branch Code

Nedbank branch code serves as crucial identifiers for a variety of banking transactions within South Africa’s banking system. These distinctive codes, allocated to each Nedbank branch, streamline the accurate handling of financial operations such as electronic fund transfers, direct debits, and payments. By understanding and employing the correct branch code, you ensure that your transactions are directed to the appropriate branch, thus reducing errors and delays.

Key Points to Remember

  • Importance of Branch Codes: Nedbank branch codes are indispensable for ensuring the precise processing of banking transactions, including electronic fund transfers, direct debits, and payments. They uniquely distinguish each branch and facilitate the routing of transactions to the correct location, thereby minimizing errors and delays.
  • Methods for Finding Branch Codes: Locating Nedbank branch codes is straightforward and can be done through various channels, including the Nedbank website, online banking portal, bank statements, customer service, mobile banking app, and visits to the branch. These resources empower customers to easily access the required codes for their banking requirements.
  • Universal Branch Code: Nedbank provides a universal branch code (198 765) for electronic transactions, simplifying the process for customers who may not know their specific branch code. For international transactions, additional details such as the SWIFT/BIC code (NEDSZAJJ) are necessary.

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How to Find Nedbank Branch Codes

Locating Nedbank branch codes is essential for seamless banking transactions, and fortunately, it’s a straightforward process. Here are several methods to find these codes:

  1. Nedbank Website: Head to the official Nedbank website and navigate to the ‘Branch Locator’ section. From there, you can search for your specific branch by name or location to find its corresponding code.
  1. Online Banking Portal: If you’re registered for Nedbank’s online banking services, branch codes can typically be found in the ‘Help’ or ‘Support’ sections. Look for them under ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Branch Locator.’
  1. Bank Statements and Cheque Books: Check your monthly bank statements or cheque books for your branch code. It’s often located in the header or footer of these documents.
  1. Customer Service: Reach out to Nedbank’s customer service team via phone or email. Provide them with your account information, and they’ll supply you with the branch code you need.
  1. Mobile Banking App: Use the Nedbank mobile banking app, which includes a branch locator feature. Input your location or branch name, and you’ll quickly find the relevant branch code.
  1. In-Branch Visit: If you prefer face-to-face assistance, visit any Nedbank branch, where the staff will happily assist you in locating the branch code you require.

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Nedbank Branch Code: 198765

Nedbank Branch Code: 198765

Nedbank’s universal branch code, 198765, is designed for use in all transactions through internet banking or mobile app services, regardless of the branch of account origination. This code streamlines banking processes, facilitating smooth and efficient transactions. Below, you will find comprehensive information about Nedbank, including its branch code, SWIFT code, address, and contact details to support any banking requirements.

Branch Code198765
Bank NameNedbank
Bank BranchNedbank Electronic Settlement CNT
Bank Branch Address135 Rivonia Road, Sandown, Johannesburg
Bank Phone+27 (011) 295-5400
Bank Fax+27 (011) 295-5300

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Nedbank Branch Codes and Locations

Below is a comprehensive list of Nedbank branch codes and their physical locations. Whether you are visiting a branch in person or performing online transactions, these details will help you identify the specific branch and its associated code for your convenience.

BranchCodePhysical Location
Port Elizabeth121317329 Cape Road, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6045
Southern Peninsula1232098th floor, 57 Heerengracht, Foreshore
Stellenbosch119210Lower ground, Langenhoven Student Centre, De Beer Street, Stellenbosch
Sandown119210Shop LO5 CNR 135 Rivonia Road & Maude Street, Sandown
Gateway189905Shop F244 Gateway Theatre of Shopping, No.1 Palm Boulevard, Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre
Irene Village Mall148345Irene Village Mall, Shop 95, Cnr Nellmapius & Pierre Van Ryneveldt Roads, Irene
East London12542171 Oxford Street, East London
Umzimkulu114405228 Courthouse Road, Umzimkulu
Booysens198005Shop 12 – 14, Southdale Shopping Centre, Alamein Road, Southdale
Barberton101004Shop 2, Ground Floor, 77 Crown Street, Barberton

Overview of  Nedbank

Nedbank Group Limited stands as one of South Africa’s largest banking institutions, with its headquarters situated in Johannesburg. It offers an extensive range of wholesale and retail banking services, alongside an expanding insurance, asset management, and wealth management portfolio. Here’s an overview of Nedbank:

History and Background

Nedbank’s roots can be traced back to the establishment of the Nederlandsche Bank en Credietvereeniging voor Zuid-Afrika in 1888. Through mergers and acquisitions, it eventually emerged as Nedbank in 1971. It operates as a subsidiary of the Old Mutual Group, a prominent international financial services group.

Services and Products

Nedbank provides a diverse array of financial products and services, including:

  • Personal Banking: Savings accounts, current accounts, loans, credit cards, and mortgages.
  • Business Banking: Business accounts, loans, asset finance, and cash management solutions.
  • Corporate and Investment Banking: Corporate lending, investment banking, treasury services, and structured finance.
  • Wealth Management: Investment management, fiduciary services, and financial planning.
  • Insurance: Life insurance, general insurance, and risk products.

For anyone navigating the world of finance, staying informed about regulatory bodies is essential. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority oversees the South African financial markets, ensuring that consumers are protected and the market operates with integrity.

List Of Universal Branch Codes in South Africa

BankUniversal Branch Code
Absa Bank632005
Capitec Bank470010
First National Bank (FNB)250655
Investec Bank580105
Standard Bank051001
African Bank430000
Mercantile Bank450905
Bidvest Bank679000
Sasfin Bank683000
Bank of Athens410506
RMB Private Bank222026
South African Post Bank (Post Office)460005
Hollard Bank585001
Discovery Bank679000
Standard Chartered Bank730020
Barclays Bank590000
Investec Bank Limited580105
Mercantile Bank Limited450905


Understanding Nedbank’s branch code system is vital for smooth and precise banking transactions. These codes uniquely distinguish each branch, streamlining the processing of financial activities like deposits, withdrawals, and electronic transfers. By acquainting themselves with the relevant branch codes for their banking requirements, customers can ensure seamless and error-free transactions, thus enhancing their overall banking experience with Nedbank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nedbank branch code?

A Nedbank branch code is a unique numerical identifier assigned to each Nedbank branch. It facilitates the accurate processing of transactions, ensuring funds are correctly routed to the appropriate branch.

How can I find the branch code for my Nedbank branch?

You can find your specific Nedbank branch code by visiting the Nedbank website, checking your bank statements, or contacting the branch directly. Additionally, many online banking platforms and financial directories list branch codes for convenience.

Is there a universal branch code for Nedbank?

Yes, Nedbank has a universal branch code (also known as a national branch code) for electronic transactions. The universal branch code for Nedbank is 198 765.

Do I need to use the branch code for online transactions?

For most online transactions, using the universal branch code (198 765) is adequate. However, for specific transactions or services requiring routing to a particular branch, you may need to use the branch-specific code.

Can I use the same branch code for international transactions?

For international transactions, you typically need more than just the branch code. You will require Nedbank’s SWIFT/BIC code, which is NEDSZAJJ, along with other relevant details such as your account number and possibly the branch-specific code, depending on the transaction’s requirements.

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