Mercantile Bank Branch Code

In the field of banking, ensuring seamless and secure fund transfers is paramount. One crucial element facilitating this process is the branch code. For customers of Mercantile Bank, understanding the significance and application of their branch code is essential for efficient banking operations.

Key Takeaways

  1. Importance of Branch Codes: Branch codes ensure accurate and secure banking transactions. Mercantile Bank’s universal branch code, 450105, simplifies this process.
  2. Locating Branch Codes: Find Mercantile Bank branch codes on statements, online banking, the official website, customer service, branch visits, or cheque books.
  3. Comprehensive Services: Mercantile Bank supports entrepreneurs and SMEs with tailored financial solutions, including loans, transactional banking, and treasury services, enhanced by advanced technology and personalized service.

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How to Find Mercantile Bank Branch Codes

Locating the branch code for your specific Mercantile Bank branch is a straightforward process, and there are several methods available to assist you:

Bank Statements: The branch code is often printed on your bank statements. Review any recent statements you have received to find the branch code.

Online Banking Portal

Online Banking Portal: Log in to Mercantile Bank’s online banking portal. Once logged in, navigate to your account details where the branch code should be displayed alongside other account information.


Mercantile Bank Website: Visit the official Mercantile Bank website. The website typically has a section dedicated to branch information where you can search for your branch and find its corresponding code.

Customer Service

Customer Service: Contact Mercantile Bank’s customer service department. The representatives can provide you with the branch code for your specific branch upon request.

Branch Visit: If you prefer a face-to-face approach, you can visit your local Mercantile Bank branch. The staff there will be able to provide you with the branch code.

Cheque Book: If you have a cheque book, the branch code is usually printed on the bottom of each cheque, along with other important details.

Mercantile Bank Branch Code: 450105

Mercantile Bank’s universal branch code, 450105, is intended for use in all transactions conducted through internet banking or mobile app services, irrespective of the originating branch. This streamlined code enhances banking processes, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions. Below, you’ll find comprehensive information about Mercantile Bank, including its branch code, SWIFT code, address, and contact details, to support any banking requirements you may have.

Branch Code450105
Bank NameMercantile Bank
Bank BranchMercantile Bank Headquarters
Bank Branch Address142 West Street, Sandton, Johannesburg
Bank Phone+27 (011) 355-9600
Bank Fax+27 (011) 355-9700

List of Mercantile Bank Limited Branch Codes with Address and Branch Details

This comprehensive list provides the branch codes, addresses, and contact details for various Mercantile Bank branches across different regions.

Branch NameAddressCityBranch Code
Alliance BankingMercantile HouseJohannesburg, Gauteng450237
Boksburg-North Rand RoadShop 1 Park Place East BuildingGauteng450142
Cape TownM & B HouseCape Town450109
Centralised Services DivisionMercantile Lisbon HouseJohannesburg, Gauteng450605
Collections142 West StreetGauteng450117
Comaro CrossingComaro Crossing Shopping CentreJohannesburg, Gauteng450305
Commercial Integrated Sales142 West StreetGauteng450110
Credit Card Division142 West StreetSandton, Gauteng450805
DiagonalMercantile Lisbon HouseGauteng450115
Durban, NTL123 Cowey RoadDurban450105
Ebureau142 West StreetGauteng450242
GermistonCnr William Hill and Lake StreetGauteng450342
Horizon (West Rand)Block E 153 OntdekkersGauteng450141
Human Resources142 West StreetGauteng450152
MBL MenlynMenlyn Square Office ParkPretoria450145
MLB Card Branch 1Mercantile Lisbon HouseSandton, Gauteng450236
MLB Card Branch 2Mercantile Lisbon HouseSandton, Gauteng450340
Pretoria West477 Mitchell Street Pretoria West 0183Pretoria450245
Private Banking142 West StreetGauteng450048
Private Practice142 West StreetGauteng450405
SandtonMercantile Lisbon House 142 West StreetSandton, Gauteng450905
Securities142 West StreetGauteng450105
Strijdom ParkShop 2 Home World South Cnr HAGauteng450705
Treasury142 West Street Sandown 2196Gauteng450125
Troyville77 Bezuidenhout StreetGauteng450505
Tygerberg Branch7 Mispel StreetCape Town450299
Universal Branch Code142 West StreetGauteng450105
Vanderbijlpark, TVLShop 1 and 2 Russells Bldg 54 President KrugerGauteng450137
WelkomTulbach House Cnr Tulbach & Heeren StrGauteng450135
Mercantile Bank

Overview of Mercantile Bank

Mercantile Bank stands as a prominent financial institution in South Africa, revered for its unwavering dedication to catering to the unique needs of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and business owners. Founded with a clear vision of offering customized banking solutions, Mercantile Bank has emerged as a reliable ally for businesses spanning various industries.

Through an extensive array of financial products and services, Mercantile Bank covers everything from business loans and asset finance to transactional banking and treasury solutions. The bank’s steadfast commitment to personalized service and forward-thinking banking strategies ensures that clients receive tailored support and access to essential resources essential for thriving in today’s competitive landscape.

Mercantile Bank’s widespread branch network and dedicated relationship managers provide clients with convenient access to banking services and expert guidance. Leveraging the bank’s universal branch code, 450105, clients can seamlessly conduct banking transactions online, via mobile, or in-person, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.

In its pursuit of excellence, Mercantile Bank consistently invests in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to elevate the customer experience. This includes the development of state-of-the-art online banking platforms and mobile applications tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses, reinforcing its position as a leader in the financial sector.

List of Universal Branch Codes in South Africa

BankUniversal Branch Code
Absa Bank632005
Capitec Bank470010
First National Bank (FNB)250655
Investec Bank580105
Standard Bank051001
African Bank430000
Mercantile Bank450905
Bidvest Bank679000
Sasfin Bank683000
Bank of Athens410506
RMB Private Bank222026
South African Post Bank (Post Office)460005
Hollard Bank585001
Discovery Bank679000
Standard Chartered Bank730020
Barclays Bank590000
Investec Bank Limited580105
Mercantile Bank Limited450905


Mercantile Bank branch codes are integral to ensuring the precision and smoothness of banking transactions. These distinct identifiers streamline fund transfers, bill settlements, and other vital banking tasks, offering customers the confidence that their transactions are executed accurately. The universal branch code, 450105, adds to this convenience, simplifying the process and allowing customers to conduct diverse banking activities without the burden of memorizing multiple codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a branch code and why is it important?

A branch code is a unique identifier assigned to each branch of a bank. It is crucial for accurately directing banking transactions to the correct branch, ensuring smooth and efficient processing of transfers, bill payments, and other financial activities.

What is Mercantile Bank’s universal branch code?

Mercantile Bank’s universal branch code is 450105. This code can be used for various transactions, particularly electronic fund transfers, simplifying the process by providing a single code for all branches.

How can I find the branch code for my Mercantile Bank branch?

You can find your Mercantile Bank branch code on your bank statements, through the online banking portal, on the official Mercantile Bank website, by contacting customer service, visiting your local branch, or checking your cheque book.

Can I use the universal branch code for all my transactions?

Yes, the universal branch code 450105 can be used for most transactions, especially electronic fund transfers, making it convenient for customers to process payments and transfers without needing specific branch codes.

What should I do if I cannot find my branch code?

If you cannot find your branch code, you should contact Mercantile Bank’s customer service for assistance. They can provide you with the correct branch code and help with any other banking-related queries you may have.

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