African Bank Branch Code

When handling financial transactions, having precise and accurate information is essential. One important detail is the bank branch code, which ensures your funds are directed to the correct location. In South Africa, African Bank is a well-known financial institution, and understanding its branch code system can greatly simplify your banking activities.

Key Takeaways

  • Universal Branch Code for African Bank: African Bank uses a universal branch code (430000) for all transactions, making it easier for customers by removing the need for specific branch codes.
  • Finding Branch Codes: Customers can find African Bank branch codes on bank statements, the online banking platform, the official website, through customer service, or via the mobile banking app, ensuring they use the correct code for transactions.
  • Overview of African Bank: Founded in 1975, African Bank offers personal loans, savings and investment products, insurance, and transactional banking, with a strong focus on customer service and financial inclusivity.

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What Are Branch Codes and How Do They Differ from Universal Branch Codes?

Branch codes are unique identifiers assigned to each branch of a bank. These codes help in pinpointing the specific location of a bank branch where an account is held or a transaction is to be processed. They are crucial for the accurate routing of funds, ensuring that your money reaches the intended recipient without any errors.

In contrast, a universal branch code, sometimes referred to as a bank’s generic code, is a single code that can be used for transactions across all branches of a bank. This simplifies the process, as you do not need to know the specific branch code for transactions. Universal branch codes are particularly useful for online banking and automated payments, providing a seamless and more straightforward banking experience.

While branch codes offer precision in identifying individual branches, universal branch codes offer convenience and ease of use, making them a valuable tool in today’s banking environment.

Find African Bank Branch Codes

How to Find African Bank Branch Codes

Locating the correct branch code for African Bank is a straightforward process. Here are several methods to ensure you have the accurate code for your transactions:


Bank Statements and Documents

Your bank statements, cheque books, and other official documents from African Bank typically include the branch code associated with your account.


African Bank’s Website

Visit the official African Bank website. They often provide a list of branch codes or a search tool where you can look up specific branches and their codes.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Contact African Bank’s customer service directly. Their representatives can provide you with the branch code you need.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking App

If you use African Bank’s mobile banking app, you can typically find branch codes within the app’s account information section.

By using these methods, you can easily find the African Bank branch code necessary for your banking transactions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

African Bank Branch Code: 430000

African Bank’s universal branch code is 430000. This code is used for any transaction conducted through internet banking or mobile app services, irrespective of the branch where the account was opened. Below are the detailed information and contact details for African Bank, including its branch code and SWIFT code:

Branch Code430000
Bank Branch Address59 16TH AVENUE, MIDRAND, GAUTENG
Bank Phone+27-112569000
Bank FaxNot Available    
Overview of African Bank

Overview of African Bank

African Bank, a significant entity in South Africa’s financial sector, is well-regarded for its focus on offering personal and business banking solutions designed to meet the needs of its diverse clientele. Established with a commitment to promoting financial inclusion, African Bank has become a key institution in the country’s banking landscape.

History and Evolution

Founded in 1975, African Bank has undergone substantial transformations over the years. The bank’s journey includes a period of curatorship in 2014, which led to a restructuring and relaunch in 2016. This restructuring was crucial in stabilising the bank and setting it on a path of renewed growth and stability.

Services Offered

Personal Loans

Customers can access personal loans with fixed repayments, ranging from small amounts to substantial sums, catering to various financial needs.

Savings and Investment Products

The bank provides competitive interest rates on savings accounts, enabling customers to grow their money effectively.


African Bank offers a variety of insurance products to protect customers against unforeseen events.

Transactional Banking

The bank’s transactional accounts are designed for ease of use, with features that cater to daily banking needs.

Branch Network and Accessibility

With its headquarters in Midrand, Gauteng, African Bank operates a robust network of branches across South Africa. This extensive presence ensures that customers from different regions can easily access the bank’s services. Additionally, the bank’s online and mobile banking platforms provide convenient, 24/7 access to financial services, catering to the growing demand for digital banking solutions.

Commitment to Customer Service

African Bank is dedicated to maintaining transparency and integrity in its operations. The bank’s customer service focuses on clear and honest communication, ensuring that customers are well-informed about their financial decisions. This commitment has helped African Bank build a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness in the banking industry.

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List Of Universal Branch Codes in South Africa

BankUniversal Branch Code
Absa Bank632005
Capitec Bank470010
First National Bank (FNB)250655
Investec Bank580105
Standard Bank051001
African Bank430000
Mercantile Bank450905
Old Mutual462005
Bidvest Bank679000
Sasfin Bank683000
Access Bank410506
RMB Private Bank254655
South African Post Bank (Post Office)460005
Hollard Bank585001
Discovery Bank679000
Standard Chartered Bank730020
Barclays Bank590000
Investec Bank Limited580105
Mercantile Bank Limited450905


Understanding and using the African Bank branch code 430000 simplifies your banking experience, ensuring that your transactions are processed efficiently and accurately. This universal code, along with the bank’s dedication to customer service and financial inclusivity, highlights African Bank’s role as a reliable and accessible financial institution in South Africa. Whether conducting online transactions or visiting a local branch, knowing this essential detail can streamline your financial activities and provide peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which branch code is 430000?

The branch code 430000 is the universal branch code for African Bank. This code can be used for any transaction conducted through internet banking or mobile app services, regardless of the branch where the account was opened.

Can I use the African Bank universal branch code for international transactions?

Yes, the African Bank universal branch code 430000 can be used for local transactions within South Africa. However, for international transactions, you will need to use the SWIFT code AFRCZAJJ in addition to the branch code to ensure that the funds are routed correctly to African Bank.

How do I get my branch code?

You can obtain your branch code from various sources, including:

Bank Statements and Documents, Online Banking Platform, African Bank’s Website, Customer Service, and Mobile Banking App.

What is the SWIFT code for African Bank?

The SWIFT code for African Bank is AFRCZAJJ. This code is used for international wire transfers and ensures that the funds are correctly routed to African Bank in South Africa.

Can I use the same branch code for African Bank transactions nationwide?

Yes, you can use the universal branch code 430000 for all African Bank transactions, regardless of your location in South Africa. This simplifies banking processes, ensuring consistency and ease of use for all customers.

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