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In this article, we will look at Woolworths’ jobs and the salary structures of their employees in South Africa. Woolworths was founded by Max Sonnenberg in 1931 in Cape Town and has now grown into a 400+ store empire across South Africa and 68 stores across the rest of Africa.

Even though the name and concept are derived from the Australian brand, so the two companies have no other connection or tie to each other.

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What are the different Jobs within Woolworth’s South Africa Brand?

  • Team Member
  • Grocery associate
  • Baker
  • Butcher
  • Deli Assistant
  • Customer Service Consultant
  • Night Filler
  • Customer service collector
  • Customer service manager
  • Customer service supervisor
  • Manager
  • Duty manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Shift leader
  • Service Manager

Learner Development with Woolworth’s: (Learnerships)

Woolworths devotes a lot of its time and resources to providing sustainable development. There are a lot of leadership programs within Woolworth’s group.

Woolworth Salary South Africa Departments and Employment fields

The following programs are available: Technology Specialist, Clothing model, Management in Customer Service, Management for Warehouse, Designers, Admin consultants, Sales Team, Stock Buyer, and Buyer’s Assistant.

What qualifies a person for the Learnership program?

  • Matric
  • A diploma or degree was relevant
  • Proficient in English, thus be able to read, write and speak
  • Ability to communicate with clients along with a passion for their brands
  • Must be computer literate
  • Must be able to interpret and analyze information
  • Be self-motivated and a team player
  • Dedicated to learning with loads of energy
  • Flexibility with a willingness to work
  • Committed to perfect service delivery
  • Must have a positive attitude, with planning and organizing skills
  • You must have great taste and passion for flair

Yes, the requirements to become a part of this well-known brand are remarkably more specific than other Supermarkets throughout South Africa. But it is possible to start your career within the brand and succeed in your dream job.

Working yourself to a TOP Woolworth salary in South Africa!

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Development Opportunities within Woolworth’s group are significant. Where every employee is substantial to the company and its successes, to maintain its high standard, the company strives to recruit, develop and retain only the best talent with numerous development and training programs specifically designed to foster talent and equip their employees to reach their full potential.

Further your Education as well as your Woolworth salary

Woolworth’s is also registered as a private further learning and education college with the Department of Education. They offer fully accredited NQF training modules.

How stable is the Woolworth salary in South Africa?

Considering Woolworths is one of the country’s largest supply chains, it is safe to say your employment will be stable with day-to-day benefits. Such as Store discounts, Paid Leave days, Life and Medical insurance, and a Company Pension plan.

What factors affect the salary of a Woolworth’s Employee?

Cashier Sales229113646
Sales Coordinator4317507000
Customer Assistant239403763
 Retail sales associate239293717
Visual merchandiser3112725089
Operations Assistant218753500
Department coordinator4518027208
Financial Administrator6224999997

Please note the salary amounts are worked on average amounts submitted by employees of Woolworth’s from the different departments.

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Woolworth salary and Growth Opportunities

Woolworths is known to create opportunities for employees to grow and improve in their speciality field. They provide a friendly and professional work environment. As an employee, you can also learn and gain experience and then teach upcoming youth your skills in the different departments.

Woolworths is also known to promote its existing employees rather than hiring from outside candidates.

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